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The Programs

Climate Awareness

Our everyday decisions create ripples and impacts that a lot of us are unaware of. Through our Creating Awareness programme, we want to leverage existing knowledge and make it accessible. We believe making the switch to planet-friendly choices should be as accessible as ordering food online, making sustainability the default of modern lifestyle and not an afterthought. Using technology, we aim to empower a generation to reduce their impact on the planet.

Green Investments

It is clear that projects with a positive environmental impact are the need of the hour, yet, disparity of funds, lack of intentions, and asymmetry in information continue to be a drawback.  We believe that we can support climate action by bridging the gap between people and project developers. The Green Investments Team simplifies supporting sustainable projects of your choice. The team works with on-ground project developers to make this planet a better place, helping them redefine financing of their projects. As a community, we enable investors, climate enthusiasts, and netizens to discover high impact projects around them and directly contribute towards a cleaner future.


320 million children are growing up in a world where they go to school, unaware and unprepared to combat the climate crisis effectively. We believe that there is no greater threat facing the world's children and the future generations than climate change. The Climate Literacy Programme aims to develop a sustainable, long-term intervention that effectively addresses climate change education and empowers students in the fight against the climate crisis. The team works on identifying, creating, and sustaining interventions that make climate literacy accessible to educators, curriculum designers, school leaders, and students.

Climate Justice

The poorest 50% were responsible for 7% of cumulative emissions and used just 4% of the available carbon budget. 75% of the workforce in India consists of workers in sectors like agriculture and construction. These communities are exposed  to climate change effects like heat waves more than any healthy person.

Inequalities like these, coupled with high climate risk are bound to increase the vulnerability of certain sections of our society, making development and justice a concern in the future.

The Climate Justice Programme is concerned by the disproportionate impact that climate change has on already-vulnerable communities. In a broken system, climate change is a catalyst that intensifies the cycles of suffering. We believe our future lies in the evolution of just and regenerative systems that help communities and ecosystems thrive. With the programme, the team looks to partner with platforms, organizations and communities to go beyond mitigation and adaptation, and help build resilience in the context of the climate crisis.

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