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How can I engage with Climate Ark?

The Climate Ark is a community where one gets to explore, ideate, collaborate, learn, engage and solve for one of the pressing issues faced by our world - Climate Crisis. As a contributor, you will get opportunities to both engage and lead sustainable impact driven initiatives and programmes, where you could gain knowledge and skills that will add value to your work, regardless of your current professional background. You will also get a chance to dive into a thriving community that vows to learn more everyday about the climate crisis itself asitself as as well as how we could work towards climate action to combat it. 

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How can you join the

With Climate Ark, you have the chance to contribute meaningfully towards climate action, at your own time and space. We believe that regardless of your professional background, you can actively engage with the community and to enable that idea, we have one go through a journey within the Climate Ark, where you can start by being a passenger, move to being a mate and eventually be a true blue climateer. As a Climateer, you can work with our active projects or start one yourself with us, keeping collective climate action at its core. We embrace diversity and believe that everyone brings their unique skill sets to the table and has a vital role to play.


If you have been curious about contributing towards climate action and have been wondering where you could start, this could be the place for you. As a passenger with the Climate Ark, you get to observe mates and climateers in action - working for different projects and teams within the Climate Ark. We believe this would give you a better insight into the work and enable you to find your own motivation to join us!


As a mate, you will be able to engage further, contribute to projects and lend your time and skillset to the Climate Ark. This would be a great place for someone who wants to move towards an action-oriented place of combating the climate crisis. 


 As a climateer, you get to experience all aspects of the Climate Ark. You can take up and lead important projects,, contribute to the existing ones, alongside having access to the entire community via Slack and over email.

We understand that taking a step towards climate action in a meaningful manner might be confusing for someone who isn’t an active part of the discourse as yet. If you find yourself at that juncture and would rather jump in to take a peek and get a better insight, we’d love for you to join us and hope we can work together anyway, and find our collective motivation along the way!

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How can my


work with

Climate Ark?

We’re working towards the Climate Ark being a space where ideas, people and organisations come together to and contribute towards diverse projects with the help of a committed community. If your organisation would love to contribute towards climate action and solve a problem, we’d love to have you onboard and figure out a way to collaborate!

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