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Take climate action with Climate Ark

Join the Ark community and contribute towards the fight against Climate Crisis.

What is Climate Ark?

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The Climate Ark envisions a world where meaningful climate action enables all communities to thrive. What started as eight individuals from six Indian cities connecting with each other over an email thread has grown into a 20-member strong community, gaining strength and momentum every single day. 


Passionate about helping the planet stay below the 1.5-degree target, we aim to make climate action tangible and within everyone’s reach, by involving everyone from individuals to businesses to governments in the journey towards climate action, with each of them having a unique and critical role to play.

The Crew

How to get

The Climate Ark is a community where one gets to explore, ideate, collaborate, learn, engage and solve for one of the pressing issues faced by our world - Climate Crisis. As a contributor, you will get opportunities to both engage and lead sustainable impact driven initiatives and programmes, where you could gain knowledge and skills that will add value to your work, regardless of your current professional background. You will also get a chance to dive into a thriving community that vows to learn more everyday about the climate crisis itself asitself as as well as how we could work towards climate action to combat it. 

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